Thursday, October 07, 2010


The Law Of Attraction And Cigarettes!

I think I have blogged before about how I tried using the law of attraction to manifest more cigarettes into my life - right?

Well I think that this time it has actually worked for me (again)!

I was determined not to have to wait until the end of the month when I got my Adsense money to go buy cigarettes and I was just thinking of someway to get some money so that I could buy some more cigarettes!

Well I did some checking on a list for unclaimed money and I wasn't on that list! - Bummer! I thought that there just had to be a way to get some quick cash! There had to be a way that I could get some quick cash to my Paypal account so that I could spend the money on cigarettes!

I did a little searching around and I found a website that said they were willing to pay people via Paypalto review some music! Yippeeeee! I did just as the site said, reviewed some of the music and sent and email to them! About 24 hours later I received the money!

I went right out and bought me a pack of cigarettes!

So the law of attraction REALLY does work!

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